One of a kind prettified themed party rentals crafted, curated, and styled by yours truly. My goal is to streamline all of the pretty details and thoughtfully curate and collect them in one place to either complete or compliment your event in making. 

What makes up Pretty Please Baby's signature look? A few things! 

The use of blooms - fresh or faux. Faux flowers give you so much flexibility in time and availability when planning or designing an event. That said, not all faux flowers are created equal and pulling together the right pretties takes an imaginative eye. I keep my eyes peeled all year round for the prettiest blooms in quality, color, and longevity. As a matter of fact you will see my blooms used over and over again throughout my themes thanks to the quality and durability of my collection. 

The use of vintage one of a kind pieces. Since I can remember, I have always scoured around to find one of a kind pretty vintage pieces. I would use them for weddings I styled or for entertaining in the home. 

Lastly, the use of pretty pastel colors. Pastels are playful, warm, and oh so dreamy. They remind me of many vintage and classic brands that I refer to for continued inspiration. 


Pretty Please Design began as a boutique studio nestled in Beverly Hills, as the first shop in the United States offering prettified a la carte designs for the traditional Persian wedding ceremony also known as the sofreh aghd. As Parisa began a joined life with her own groom, the opportunities to create and prettify bloomed quickly. Everything from home décor and fashion, to recipes and entertaining became a pallet of expression, and a place to ignite inspiration for others. 

As Parisa’s family grew, so did her vision. Her work expanded to include the momentous occasions that come with celebrating children, and now her followers wait in anticipation for the next opportunity to see and share in the events she designs and decorates. As she explains, “Being a mother means I get to see the beauty through my children’s eyes, in its purest form. They inspire me every day to make memories in the mundane of daily life, and to use every bit of pretty to preserve the fleeting moments of childhood, commemorating each special occasion as something beautiful and worth of celebration.”  A division of Pretty Please Design, Pretty Please Baby was born to capture the precious joys of childhood, one pretty detail at a time. 

Parisa holds a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications, but it was her love for all things pretty and feminine that originally inspired her to launch Pretty Please Design